Second-unit fee discussions are anything but sanitary

Bill Warner, Ojai Valley News reporter
The issue of whether the Ojai Valley Sanitary District (OVSD) should charge a fee for the connection of new accessory dwelling units (ADUs) took center stage June 26 when two of its ratepayers asked the Board of Directors to explain the legal basis for the policy.
The request was made by ratepayer Peter Crane, addressing the Board during the public comment portion of its regular session.
A written statement by ratepayer Bruce Keller, admonishing OVSD for the practice, was circulated to the Board members during the same meeting.
In his lengthy reply, OVSD Board attorney Robert Kwong maintained that Senate Bill 1069, which nominally bars sewer agencies from requiring such fees, does not apply to OVSD. Its specific language, he said, defines local agencies as “towns and counties,” whereas OVSD is a special district.

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