Districts will get a bird’s-eye view of water use

062917infrared aerial
Image courtesy of Eagle Aerial Solutions
This is a sample image of a water-use map produced by Eagle Aerial Solutions.
Bill Warner, Ojai Valley News reporter
The Ventura River Water District (VRWD) will use remote sensing technology as it prepares its water rate budget for 2018. Meeting in regular session June 21, the VRWD Board of Directors was unanimous in approving the District's participation in a contract with Eagle Aerial Solutions for a scientific eye in the sky. 
The project will use infrared imaging data, collected in a series of flyovers, to create a visual account of outdoor water use in areas served by the District. Combining the infrared photos with geographic property information, assessments of water content can be determined by lot, said VRWD General Manager Bert Rapp. This, in turn, would make it possible to formulate individualized water budgets, he said.

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