Chaparral meeting draws a crowd, but erases few questions

Andra Belknap, Ojai Valley News reporter
“To be as productive as possible, we should avoid any sense of a turf war.” Those were the sentiments of School Board Member Kevin Ruf during a June 27 meeting of the Ojai Unified School District's (OUSD) School Board, referring to perceived conflict between the city of Ojai and the OUSD over the future of the District’s downtown property that currently houses Chaparral High School.
“This (property) is zoned for a certain thing and it needs the city’s approval before anything else can move forward,” said Board Member Jane Weil. “That is more than obvious to us.”
A group of approximately 50 community members gathered at the Ojai Art Center June 25 for a “visioning workshop” regarding the 7.5-acre property.
The event was organized by Ojai City Councilwoman Suza Francina, Councilman William Weirick and local Realtor Dale Hanson. The council members confirmed that the meeting had no official status.

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