Another artist for peace takes flight

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Photo courtesy of Teri Strickland
Marta Nelson (left) and Sierra Strickland, show off Strickland's peace doves she made from a cast Nelson created long ago.
Andra Belknap, Ojai Valley News reporter
Marta Nelson and Sierra Strickland, two Ojaians separated in age by more than eight decades, have joined forces as “artists for peace.” The duo have created a veritable army of white, papier-mâché doves to spread their message.
Nelson, 95, and Strickland, 14, met four years ago when Strickland's grandmother moved in next door to Nelson in the Gables of Ojai.
Strickland was entranced by the view in Nelson's window, where a flock of papier-mâché doves greet passersby.
After being assigned an independent art project at Montecito's Crane Country Day School, where she recently finished eighth grade, Strickland thought of Nelson's doves.
“I wanted an art project that would have an impact,” she said.

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