Don’t say a word, Silence Day is coming

070617meher baba at pickfair 1939
Photo courtesy of Meher Mount
Meher Baba used an alphabet board to help him maintain silence.
Bill Warner, Ojai Valley News reporter
July 10 is Silence Day in the Ojai Valley — and everywhere else, for that matter — a date on which you can rightfully keep quiet for the sake of keeping quiet. And while silence can be put into practice just about anywhere (the demands of the workplace permitting, of course) there's probably no better venue for sharing the quality than Ojai's own Meher Mount, that will have an open house for that very purpose June 10 from noon until 5 p.m.
The experience of protracted silence affects people in different ways, said Sam Ervin, president of the Board of Directors for Meher Mount. “It can be a challenge,” he said. For one thing, people regularly break silence without realizing it — by singing in the shower, for example, or by talking to a pet. “My perspective is it reminds us of how addicted we are to speaking,” he said. 

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