Brother-sister duo open a community space in Meiners Oaks

071317gg little wings karen nedivi
Photo by Karen Nedivi
Little Wings performs a set recently at Greater Goods Ojai.
Andra Belknap, Ojai Valley News reporter
A Meiners Oaks storefront hosted a standing-room-only, album-release party July 12. It was not an uncommon evening at Greater Goods Ojai, a nonprofit community space dedicated to local art, crafts, learning and togetherness.
Greater Goods, 145 W. El Roblar Drive, hosts events for all ages ranging from concerts, film screenings, community craft hours, bake sales, art classes and much more.
Brother and sister Vaughn Montgomery and Laurie Cornell opened the space in March and are dedicated to creating a community center with events and programming affordable for all.
“We’re hoping we can add some vital culture to the community in an accessible way,” said Montgomery. “It’s important to us that somebody can come in and enjoy it no matter what income level they’re on.”

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