Casitas inspection turns up the first (dead) quagga mussels

080217 quagga casitas
Photo courtesy of Casitas Municipal Water District
Dead quagga mussels attached to the underside of a boat that was denied entry to Lake Casitas.
Perry Van Houten, Ojai Valley News reporter
A routine boat inspection at the Lake Casitas Recreation Area boat inspection checkpoint July 22 turned up the first quagga mussels found on a boat trying to enter the facility.
The mussels were dead.
The boat, a 21-foot Bayliner Trophy, belongs to a North Hollywood man.
“First thing out of the chute, we drop the motor and water comes out of the motor, so it failed instantly. But as our staff was making a further inspection of this boat, they found dead quagga mussels that were attached underneath, to the rear of the boat,” said Steve Wickstrum, general manager for Casitas Municipal Water District (CMWD).

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