Soule Park taking a swing at new water conservation technology

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Photo provided by Rain Systems
Inventor Jim Sibert aboard a prototype machine, injects polymers into turf at Soule Park Golf Course. Aug. 14.
Perry Van Houten, Ojai Valley News reporter
A pilot program to test the installation of water-injected polymers into turf at Soule Park Golf Course (SPGC) is underway.
The purpose of the program is to monitor and track the performance of the injected polymers, which are said to retain water more efficiently and can reduce required water usage by 50 percent.
“This will be a major water conservation breakthrough for golf courses,” stated Keith Brown, managing partner at SPGC.
The machine to inject the polymers into the turf without damaging it was invented and patented by Jim and Elaine Sibert, at their company, Rain Systems.

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