Mobile home rent increase denied

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Photo by Timothy Teague
During the Aug. 24 hearing, Rent Review Board Member Richard Francis holds up the document generated by the rent increase request.
Andra Belknap, Ojai Valley News reporter
Ojai Valley Estates residents scored a decisive victory Aug. 24 when the Ventura County Mobile Home Park Rent Review Board (RRB) voted unanimously to deny the park's owners a proposed monthly rent increase of $588.83 per space.
The Board also unanimously voted to deny the park's owner, Ojai Valley Estates LLC, its request to recoup the Ventura County planning staff's costs of analyzing the discretionary rent increase application, approximately $44,000, according to Denice Thomas of the Ventura Country Resource Management Agency.
“The applicant did request to be reimbursed, that request was denied. Those fees would have been passed along to the residents,” said Thomas.
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Photo by Timothy Teague
Larry Mar (right), representing the Ojai Valley Estates, LLC, and another attendee listen during the RRB hearing Aug. 24.

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