Ojai homeless shelter sends beds to help Harvey victims

090117 dsc03588
Ojai Valley News photo by Andra Belknap
 Rick Raine, Ojai Valley Family Shelter (OVFS) administrator, loads mattresses into an OVFS trailer Sept. 1. The mattresses will be placed on a U.S. Navy flight from Point Mugu to the Houston area.
Andra Belknap, Ojai Valley News reporter
Rick Raine and Gerry Schwanke, of the Ojai Valley Family Shelter (OVFS), braved triple-digit heat Sept. 1, spending the afternoon loading 100 mattresses onto a truck bound for Point Mugu.
The mattresses typically serve as beds for homeless Ojai residents during the winter season.
After seeing the devastation tropical cyclone Harvey inflicted on the Houston area during the final week of August, Raine decided it was time to take the mattresses out of storage.

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