Confusion and delays are slowing the opening of Ojai’s medical cannabis dispensaries

Andra Belknap, Ojai Valley News reporter
Confusion abounds among Ojai's three licensed cannabis dispensaries and delivery services. Though the Ojai City Council passed a Nov. 17, 2016 urgency ordinance to ensure the legal provision of medical cannabis to local patients, the three dispensaries awarded city licenses July 7 have yet to open due to a lack of clarity over security provisions.
“Unless I run into unforeseen issues, my plan is to issue (security) requirements by the end of the week,” said Ojai City Manager Steve McClary Sept. 18.
Shangri La Care Cooperative (SLCC) co-founder Jeff Kroll said the slow process is becoming costly.
“Each month we're not open costs about $6,500,” said Kroll, who said he is paying $3,400 monthly in rent for the suite that will house the SLCC dispensary service.

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