Ojai gathering will take a look at threats to our oceans

Perry Van Houten, Ojai Valley News reporter
John Roulac believes our oceans are in crisis, but there are things we can do to save them.
Roulac, the founder of the organic superfood company Nutiva, will lead a presentation Oct. 12, on “Oceans in Peril” at The Ojai Retreat, in association with the Ojai Valley Green Coalition.
The peril, according to Roulac, stems from polluted and carbonized ocean water that has caused an alarming and accelerating decline in the health and productivity of our oceans.
“The oceans are in the process of dying,” Roulac stated. “This is kind of a wake-up call.”
At issue is the loss of kelp forests along the California coastline and ocean acidification, which Roulac has called “the number one enviro issue of the day.”

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