Proposal would put live/work spaces in vacant lot

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Ojai Valley News photo by Andra Belknap
Local architect Marc Whitman hopes to transform this vacant lot, 601 E. Ojai Avenue into affordable housing and commercial space.
Andra Belknap, Ojai Valley News reporter
The Ojai Planning Commission will hear a proposal Nov. 15 from local architect Marc Whitman for a mixed-use, affordable-housing and commercial-development project at 601 E. Ojai Ave. 
The 32,000-square-foot parcel is currently vacant.
Whitman and his clients, Los Angeles-based developers Gary Khamneipur and Fred Plotke, propose the parcel be developed into 12 residential units and five commercial spaces. The development would be two stories, according to an administrative report submitted to the Planning Commission.
Eight of the residential units would be on the second floor, while four, that would be configured as live/work spaces, would be on the ground floor of the proposed complex.
β€œIt would be like a little home office,” said Whitman of the live/work spaces. β€œI'm imagining people would live there and have a little shop there.”
Whitman plans for four of the commercial spaces to house offices. 

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