City Council set to talk about ways to cut the wildfire risk in the Ojai Valley

Perry Van Houten, Ojai Valley News reporter
The Ojai City Council will discuss wildfire safety and emergency preparedness at its next meeting Nov. 14.
The Council will hear a report from Ojai Mayor Johnny Johnston, who is expected to ask city staff what actions have or will be taken to address several concerns.
Those concerns include issues such as defensible space, evacuation plans, ways to improve wildfire safety in the city, getting the public more involved in protecting their homes against wildfire and scheduling a citywide emergency preparedness exercise.
“You can never be too careful or too safe and you should never be complacent,” said Ojai City Manager Steve McClary.
According to McClary, the city is interested in partnering with agencies such as the Ojai Valley Fire Safe Council (OVFSC), that goes after federal grants to fund brush clearance and tree removal projects.

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