Planning Commission gives favorable nod to Ojai Avenue housing proposal

Andra Belknap, Ojai Valley News reporter
The Ojai Planning Commission expressed tentative support during a Nov. 15 concept review for local architect Marc Whitman's proposal to develop a two-story, mixed-use affordable housing and retail project at 601 E. Ojai Ave.
The vacant 32,000-square-foot parcel is across Bald Street from Sea Fresh Seafood.
In order to move forward, the project would require an amendment to the Ojai General Plan and a zoning change, said Interim Community Development Director Matthew Winegar.
Whitman and his clients, developers Gary Khamneipur and Fred Plotke, propose building 12 residential units and five commercial spaces on the parcel. Eight of the residential units would be on the second floor, while the remaining four would be configured as live/work spaces on the ground floor.
Whitman intends for the project's housing to be affordable to those earning a moderate income. 
Ojai's housing element defines the moderate income category as those earning 81 to 120 percent of the county's median income. 

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