Air quality remains bad — city prohibits use of leaf blowers

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Ojai Valley News photo by Tim Dewar
Ash and smoke from the Thomas Fire is seriously impacting air quality in the Ojai Valley.
Perry Van Houten, Ojai Valley News reporter
Air quality due to the Thomas Fire is expected to remain unhealthful in the Ojai Valley for a few more days, according to the Ventura County Air Pollution Control District (VCAPCD).
That's an improvement over the hazardous air quality reported the first several days of the fire.
“It's still relatively bad,” VCAPCD air quality meteorologist Laura Hodgens said Dec. 11.
“It's hard to gauge, but I would say air quality will be unhealthful for the next few days at least,” she added.
The city of Ojai has temporarily prohibited the use of leaf blowers “due to poor air quality and the risk of spreading more ash, smoke and particulates into the air,” stated James Vega, assistant to Ojai City Manager Steve McClary.
Police and code enforcement personnel were being informed of the temporary ban, according to Vega.

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