City testing methods to remove ash from area streets

Perry Van Houten, Ojai Valley News reporter
During the second week of the Thomas Fire, city of Ojai officials decided to not attempt ash removal using street sweepers.
They tested a street sweeper but found a lot of dust was being generated, so they called it off.
“Trying to go out and do street sweeping at that point was not going to be effective, probably not healthy, and we probably would have had to try it again after a few days because we still had ash falling,” said Ojai City Manager Steve McClary.
The Ojai Public Works Department did some research to find an effective, safe and healthy solution — a fine mist on the street followed with a street sweeper to pick up the dampened ash.
Doing dust control up front of the street sweepers did the trick, according to Ojai Public Works Director Greg Grant.

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