Oil seeps burning in Upper Ojai a concern

122117 PS air quality testing
Photo courtesy of Mike Villegas
The Ventura County Air Pollution Control District sampled air quality near smoldering oil seeps in the Upper Ojai Valley Dec. 15.
Andra Belknap, Ojai Valley News reporter
Approximately 20 natural oil seeps in the Upper Ojai Valley continue smoldering due to the Thomas Fire, according to the Ventura County Fire Department (VCFD).
According to VCFD Division Chief John McNeil, the Department has placed an order for a biodegradable foam concentrate it will apply to the burning seeps to stop fire ignition.
The foam, typically used to extinguish oil fires, is being shipped from the East Coast and is expected to arrive in the Ojai area Dec. 24 he said.
McNeil added that VCFD's hazmat specialist has deemed the product “environmentally safe.”
He could not provide the commercial name of the product as of press time.

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