Deer roaming Lake Casitas area with arrow in its head

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Ojai Valley News photo by Tim Dewar
A pair of deer, neither with an arrow in its head, graze in the area of Lake Casitas Jan. 24.
Perry Van Houten, Ojai Valley News reporter
Reports of a deer wandering around the Lake Casitas area, with its head impaled by an arrow, have been confirmed by state wildlife officials and local wildlife officers.
“I spoke with the game warden and he said they've been getting reports about this deer for more than a month,” said Andrew Hughan, public information officer for the California Department of Fish and Wildlife.
Twice, Hughan said, wildlife officers have gone in search of the deer, but were unable to locate it.
“It seems to be surviving on its own just fine,” Hughan added. “Wildlife can be resilient.”
He said there would be no further attempts to find the deer, although wildlife officers may take action if the wounded animal makes another appearance.
In 2017, animal control officers in Los Angeles County tried to capture a Canada goose that was impaled in the neck by an arrow, but the arrow fell out during the rescue attempt and the bird flew away, Hughan said.
Hunting for deer in Ventura County is legal with both rifles and bows.

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