Ojai City Council agrees to consider allowing tiny houses

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Photo courtesy of Vina Lustado
Local Vina Lustado is advocating for a permitting process for tiny structures on wheels such as this.
Andra Belknap, Ojai Valley News reporter
Tiny house advocates scored a victory during the Ojai City Council's Jan. 24 regular meeting, as the Council voted unanimously to direct staff to draft an ordinance that would allow for tiny homes as legal domiciles within the city limits.
Charletta Erb shared her feelings on the issue by performing an original song, set to the tune of Malvina Reynolds' “Little Boxes.”
“They rebelled and made their footprints small/Said yes to living mortgage free/Independent from big bankers/Choosing connection and community,” Erb sang as she accompanied herself on guitar.
Jaclyn DeSantis, an Ojai Raptor Center employee, also praised tiny homes as an affordable option for locals.
“After recently losing my rental to the fire it has become painfully obvious to me that I will never be able to afford real estate or a home here. It has even become difficult to find another rental situation that I can afford,” she said. “I would be willing to invest all of my life savings into a tiny home.”

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