Local agencies still grappling with affordable housing issues

Andra Belknap, Ojai Valley News reporter
Discussion of Ojai's lack of affordable housing has colored numerous city debates as local housing prices continue to soar.
Reggie Wood, owner Ojai's of West Wood Construction, would like to see more small, guest houses (or second units) in the valley, as well as the construction of an apartment building.
“The subject of providing little, affordable, housing units has always been a passion of mine,” Wood said. “Over the years I have watched many of the existing units becoming unavailable due to crackdowns on building codes and zoning violations as well as the internet-ready vacation rentals. Currently the costs to get (permit) approvals as well as the increased building codes and construction costs have greatly affected the possibility of any new units becoming available.”
Wood recently converted an Ojai Valley garage into a 275-square-foot cottage. The project cost $21,273 in permitting fees with $16,500 going to the Ojai Valley Sanitary District (OVSD) sewer connection fee.
See also: “Sanitary District approves temporary moratorium on second units” Ojai Valley News, Jan. 25, Jan. 25, 2018.

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