Ojai City Council talks about renegotiating police services contract

Andra Belknap, Ojai Valley News reporter
The Ojai City Council moved to reject Ojai City Manager Steve McClary's recommendation Feb. 27 to appropriate an additional $309,000 from the city's general fund for Ventura County Sheriff's Office (VCSO) services over concerns about the city's contract with VCSO. 
The contract has not been updated since 1980, according to City Councilman Willliam Weirick, a violation of government code.
The Council ultimately reconsidered its decision and moved to approve McClary's requested appropriation.
McClary conceded the request was necessitated by staff error that inadequately estimated law enforcement costs.
“I'm not going to mince words on this at all. We did not accurately estimate the costs of the sheriff's budget going forward,” he said. “This was a gross miscalculation by staff. It is not because we received bad or incomplete information from the Sheriff's Department.”

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