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Contractors can ‘bale’ on building materials

Perry Van Houten, Ojai Valley News reporter
Building a green home in the Ojai Valley, using "alternative building materials" may be a dream for some, but is it even possible?
There are several options available for eco-friendly building materials that advocates claim are safe, can cut costs, lessen the impact of construction on the environment and allow the homeowner's creativity to run wild.
What could be more earth-friendly than a home made out of earth?
These include houses made of straw-bale, cob and super-adobe.
But there are rules and regulations for building a home using alternative materials.
“California law, as far as licensing classifications, isn’t based on building materials. It’s based upon the type of work being done,” said Rick Lopes with the Contractors State License Board. “Our laws say that contractors have to follow local building codes and industry standards.”

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