Council debates whether stormwater capture funds are money down the drain

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Ojai Valley News archive photo by Tim Dewar
The Ojai City Council voted to allocate funds to look at ways to better capture stormwater.
Perry Van Houten, Ojai Valley News reporter
The city of Ojai will spend $15,000 in seed money for the first of a three-phase, stormwater-capture-and-recharge study.
At its May 8 meeting, the Ojai City Council voted 3-2 to move forward on the request by Councilmen William Weirick and Randy Haney to fund the first phase of the study.
The Comparative Water Demand & Recharge Analysis would be conducted by Sierra Watershed Progressive (SWP), a Northern California consulting group.
After studying the proposal and preparing a report for the Council, Ojai City Manager Steve McClary said the request for seed money is rather low risk and also rather low reward.
“Because obviously if you don't go forward with the next phases you have information — and potentially some very good information — but obviously that's not going to put any water back into the ground or do things to improve our overall water strategy,” McClary said.

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