Besant Hill School graduates 26 students

060718 oc besant 2018 passing of the torch

Photo by Oliver Cornell

Besant Hills students hold the annual “Passing of the Torch” evening ceremony June 2 where rising seniors are passed a candle from graduating upperclassmen.
Besant Hill School held its 72nd commencement ceremony June 2, graduating 26.
The following is a list of those graduates and their hometowns:
Marko Andrejevi, Belgrade, Serbia; Michael Ebube Anekwe, Lagos, Nigeria.
John Thomas Chandler Buie, Jr., Longview, Texas.
Mateo Jorge Cesarman Maus, Mexico City; Zhe Chen, Shanghai; Elisabeth Perret Comer, Kentfield, Calif.; Ruben Conrad, Niamey, Niger.

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