Esoteric astrology as news for the week of June 15 through June 21:

In Gemini we see “instability doing its work.” The purpose of instability in relationships is to help us, exhausted with conflicts, seek harmony and balance which comes with soul direction. The soul eventually shows itself and says with compassion to the struggling personality, “Here, let me help you. I am the Soul, I am Light Divine. I am Love, I am Will. And Perfect in my Design. I Am your Soul.” When the soul begins to direct the lower self, the personality is able to adjust to a more calm and harmonious livingness.
Gemini points out the relationship between personality (self) and soul (self). It is the story of Krishna (teacher) and Arjuna (student). Krishna woke Arjuna early one morning and told him to look outside. There in the fields a war was proceeding. On both sides of the war Arjuna saw family members. Krishna told Arjuna to choose a side to fight on. Arjuna refused to choose. With great kindness Krishna informed his student the purpose of the choice and the battle — he was to discern which side represented the soul and which side represented the personality. And to then choose where he stands.

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