School Board plans more discussions of Summit School's fate

Andra Belknap, Ojai Valley News reporter

The Ojai Unified School District's (OUSD) School Board heard testimony June 26 from Upper Ojai residents about potential uses for the Summit Elementary School property during the school's year-long closure.
Jim Bailey, director of Upper Ojai enrichment program Rock Tree Sky, said he'd be interested in using a portion of the property to house his growing program.
“We've been running this program next door for two years. It's going well. It's sustainable. We live down the street,” said Bailey. “We've got a place and it's great, but it's a little tight.”
Bailey's program is currently housed at 12679 Ojai Santa Paula Road. The Summit campus is at 12525 Ojai Santa Paula Road.
According to OUSD Superintendent Andy Cantwell, the District could not lease the property to Bailey without the formation of a 7-11 committee.
The District could, however, enter into a license agreement with Bailey and other organizations interested in the property without the formation of a 7-11 committee. Such an agreement would allow the District to terminate the license at any time.

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