Record heat may mean losses for local growers

071218 pvh fire sign

Ojai Valley News photo by Perry Van Houten

Extreme heat and dry conditions have elevated the fire risk according to the sign outside the Los Padres Forest ranger station in Ojai.

Perry Van Houten, Ojai Valley News reporter
A weekend heatwave, extreme even by Ojai Valley standards, sent people scurrying to the coast or hunkering down near the air conditioner and reportedly damaged some local tree crops such as citrus and avocados.
According to the National Weather Service (NWS), the 114-degree temperature recorded July 6 broke the record 101 mark set on that date in 1976.
While the 115 recorded July 7 broke the record of 106 set on that date in 2017, a high of 103 recorded July 8 fell short of the record 108 set in 2017.

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