College or work: School district trying to seek a balance

Austin Widger, Ojai Valley News reporter
With the ever-increasing pressures on students to earn a minimum of a bachelor's degree, the Ojai Unified School District (OUSD) is seeking to strike a balance between college preparatory and Career Technical Education (CTE) courses at the high school level.
The first step in this process has been to maximize the offerings of CTE programs, formerly known as ROP (Regional Occupational Programs), at both Nordhoff and Chaparral high schools.
According to OUSD Superintendent Andy Cantwell, this is becoming “pretty hard to differentiate. Even what used to be more traditional vocational training programs still usually require some level of college education,” he said. “However, we are trying to give opportunities for students to become certified in certain areas that would allow them to immediately enter the workforce with a valuable skill-set.”

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