Playhouse disaster anniversary: Four years ago today

bags of popcorn
have gone uneaten
movie screenings
did not take place 
hours of OVN webcam

feed was not broadcast

071918 kerry miller playhouse 2

Photo by Kerry Miller

A construction crew does interior ground excavation work on the Ojai Playhouse July 13, preparing for the pouring of a new slab.

Perry Van Houten, Ojai Valley News reporter
Four years ago today, July 20, 2014, a water main burst, flooding the interior of Ojai’s only movie theater, the Ojai Playhouse.
The theater, at 145 E. Ojai Ave., was closed during its 100th anniversary year in August 2014 and subsequently as a lawsuit against Golden State Water Company (GSWC) dragged on.
The lawsuit ended in victory for Playhouse owners Khaled and Walid Al-Awar, who received a $3.85 million settlement from GSWC.
Almost all of the settlement money the Al-Awars received is going toward repairing the theater, paying legal fees and repaying bills and loans that accumulated over the past four years while the business was closed.
During the 1,461 days the Playhouse has been shuttered:

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