Esoteric astrology as news for the week Aug. 3 through Aug. 9:

Lammas (Old English for “lamb” and later “loaf” as in “bread”) celebrates the first grain harvests. Observed Aug. 1  in the northern hemisphere, we can extend the festival all week. Lammas is a festival of gratitude. After summer rains, wheat was harvested and ground into flour. Loaves of bread, including communion bread, were made and taken to the churches for blessing. Lammas was a community celebration. Shakespeare refers to Lammas Eve as the 14th birthday of Juliet (“Romeo and Juliet”).
This first harvest prepares humanity for the coming autumn and winter, cooler days, crisp apples, roasting of the Southwest chile and the last of summer’s tomatoes and corn.
Lammas reminded humanity of the cycle of life and death (light and dark). During August the people knew that soon Persephone would be taken to the underworld by Pluto and Demeter, her mother, grief-stricken, would make the leaves fall and the darkness to come. But before autumn, there was to be festivity, celebrations, gathering the first fruits and baking the first loaves of bread.

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