Esoteric astrology as news for the week of Aug. 10 through Aug. 16:

Uranus retrograded Tuesday this week, joining the other retrograaMercury, Mars, Saturn, Neptune, Pluto and Chiron) in this unusual retrograde season. Uranus is one of the outer planets, beyond the personality-building planets (moon, Mercury, Venus, Mars), and the social planets (Jupiter and Saturn). 
Uranus (seventh planet from the sun and Ray 7) is the planet of the Aquarian Age, of electricity, change, innovation, discovery revolution and revelations. Uranus brings surprises and many things yet unimagined. When Uranus is retrograde (till 2019), we have inner stirrings, unusual revelations, the rules of thinking shift and change, we think unusual things, much of which are of the future. Uranus works in sudden ways and is called the Great Awakener, and it is we (humanity) who are “awakened,” with quick liberating results. Uranus overturns conventions and traditions, allowing all that has outlived its usefulness to fall away. 
Which brings us to Saturday’s new moon solar eclipse. During solar eclipses, something essential, its job complete, falls away. Uranus retrograde and the new moon solar eclipse support each other. Both making room for the new to come forth. Uranus brings social change to our world. Retrograde Uranus prepares us for revolutionary changes, revelations that may shock us in the next year. Listen for hints till then. For now, we are in the calm before the storm!

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