Q&A With Ojai's New Mayor, Betsy Clapp

By virtue of the rotation policy, Ojai City Councilwoman Betsy Clapp became mayor  on Dec. 13, 2011, succeeding Carol Smith. Ojai's mayor pro tem is now Councilman Paul Blatz, who should become mayor in December. The following responses to questions asked by OVN reported Tiobe Barron were submitted by Mayor Clapp. OVN: How long have you been in Ojai? Clapp: I’ve lived in Ojai since my daughter was 13, she was born in 1977, so 21 years in Ojai, and 30 years in Ventura County. OVN: What drew you here? Clapp: We lived on a sailboat up north. We wanted a warmer climate, a smaller community, a smaller harbor. And that drew us to Ventura Harbor.

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