Community Comments On Public Access

By Sondra Murphy

Local cable TV subscribers may have noticed the programming on Channel 10 has dwindled to city meetings and a sparse bulletin. Starting in January, the city of Ojai took over the running of the public access television station and the council wants to proceed slowly in developing a plan before accepting other content. Assembly Bill 2987, the 2006 Digital Infrastructure and Competition Act, proposed to equalize competition among cable providers by allowing them all to franchise with the state. Intending to open up access to various media providers by altering franchise regulations, cable providers such as Time Warner, which provides cable to Ojai, were able to reduce the number of local cable stations they facilitated. The city of Ojai voted in 2008 to take on management of Channel 10 and its equipment, which would otherwise have gone dark on Jan. 1. In November, Ojai Public Works director Mike Culver formed a community task team of interested parties who are working to

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