OUSD Hit By State's Woes

By Linda Harmon

Once again a litany of economic woes topped the Ojai Unified School Board meeting last Tuesday night. Superintendent Tim Baird outlined the grim economic picture he was given over three days of statewide meetings. “Ventura County will be giving layoff notices to about one-sixth of their teachers,” said Baird. He detailed the downward economic trends predicted for education over the next several years, adding, “We have to proceed with our certificated layoffs. We have to still assume the worst scenario.” Baird said the state and federal governments’ plans will directly determine the immediate future of education in Ojai and California, adding education is the third-largest job market in California. “There is a lot that’s going to happen in the next couple of weeks that’s going to change that picture. We have to wait for the state and federal plan to guide our decision making,” Baird said.  At this date the state did say they have a plan, but according to Baird the district

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