Ojai City Watch 2/11/09

From: "OjaiValley CityWatch" 

Date: February 11, 2009
Subject: City Watch Information

Good evening Watchers. Your deputies are looking for a 1986 GMC Suburban that is white in color. We have a partial California license plate number of 5CJ_548. This vehicle was involved in three different incidents today where they tried to take advantage of the elderly people we have living in our valley. In all three cases these suspect tried to pass themselves off as home repair people. They tried to talk their way into the victims homes by being very pushy and intimidating. In one of the incidents a good neighbor saw what was going on a began writing down their license numbers. Well they saw this and were gone in a matter of seconds.  This is not the actions of honest contractors who work in our area. Their actions are very

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