Mysterious floating object part of science experiment

This object, that was seen floating in the skies above the Ojai Valley Tuesday afternoon, had residents baffled for a time. (photo by Tim Dewar)

Tim Dewar, Ojai Valley News publisher

The mystery has been solved. This object, seen floating in the sky above the Ojai Valley Tuesday at approximately 12:15 p.m. was part of an experiment.

Don’t blame it on aliens, smart meters or secret military aircraft though, it was basically a glorified garbage bag released as part of the Ojai Recreation Department’s summer Science Camp.

The recreation department’s Matt Landon verified that the thin, plastic bag, which was approximately 50 feet long, was used to demonstrate the dynamics of air density to the Science Camp students.

“They filled it with cool air from underneath the trees,” Landon explained, “and then took it out in the sun and let it warm up.”

He said although the camp — which continues through the week — is very hands on, it shouldn’t offer up any more surprises for valley residents. He said he was surprised at the reaction the balloon launch received. He added that he was unsure whether the balloon was allowed to float away or whether the students reeled it back in.

Officials from area airports, military bases, the Federal Aviation Administration and the National Oceanographic and Atmospheric Administration were unaware of what the object might be when contacted shortly after the sighting.

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