Ojai City Watch 3/4/09

FROM: Sgt. Joe Evans

Good morning Watchers. During the past two nights we have experienced several vehicle burglaries in the Meiners Oaks area. It seems that someone is walking around late at night looking for targets of opportunity. We all need to watch for people walking the streets in that area late at night and very early in the morning. If you live in that area and notice any suspicious activity, please call the police right away. We also had someone break several windows at the Q-time bar and grill. This is significant because as we all know the business owners in Meiners Oaks are trying to improve this area for all of us to enjoy. We can and should support their efforts by keeping watch over their business' when ever we can. Remember our local business' are an important part of our community. Lets keep them safe.  If you do see suspicious activity please call the police at 646-1414 or 654-9511 or in cases of emergency dial 911. In all cases one of your deputies will respond and do his

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