Father Arrested In Infant's Death

FROM: Ventura County Sheriff's Department

Narrative: On March 2, 2009, both resident deputies at the Lockwood Valley substation were dispatched code-3 (lights and siren) to a “baby not breathing” call at 17501 Maple Trail in the northern unincorporated area of Ventura County known as Lockwood Valley.  Dispatchers gave the infant’s parents CPR instruction as deputies were responding.  When deputies arrived, they immediately began CPR.  Kern County Fire and AMR Ambulance also responded and continued life saving efforts.  The infant, later identified as Steven Schimmel, was transported by ambulance to a nearby ranger station and airlifted to Kern Medical Center where he was pronounced dead. Deputies interviewed Steven’s 19-year-old mother and Steven’s 32-year-old father, Jayson Schimmel.  Steven’s mother and father are not married, but have lived together for a couple of years, in a guesthouse behind Jayson’s parents’ house.  Initial information provided to investigators indicated that Steven

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