Ojai City Watch 3/9/09

FROM: Sgt. Joe Evans

Good morning Watchers. First things first. Deputy Matt Johnson would like to thank all of you who helped identify the young man in the photo we sent out last week. Thanks to you Matt was able to contact this young man and they took care of some much needed business. Just so you know, I started receiving e-mails about this young man's identity with in 30 minutes of the alert being sent out. Because of your quick action this young man was able to resolve a  problem that might have led to worse problems if more time was allowed to pass. OK  second things second. Later today you can expect another City Watch Alert. This alert will be announcing the beginning of our ReUnite Program. This is the program we started talking about  more than three months ago. I took all your input along with my some what limited knowledge and guess what? We are ready to go. I have a couple of finishing touches to put on it and some staff training that needs to be completed later

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