Ojai City Watch Reunite 3/10/09

FROM: Sgt. Joe Evans

Good evening Watchers. Tonight we roll out our new ReUnite Program. Thanks for all your hard work and helping me get this program off the ground. City Watch Reunite Program From time to time we receive calls from people who have a family member with special challenges who is now missing. We also respond to calls of subjects who are confused and do not know who or where they are. Deputies arrive and find the person involved has certain challenges and is not able to communicate or remember simple but vital information that would allow the deputy to reunite them with their families or care takers. This small population of our community can be very vulnerable during times of need. For many of these people, finding themselves alone in public or away from their families or caretakers can be terrifying for both them and their families.  I am talking about our friends and family members who have special challenges due to medical conditions or have just lived a full

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