Obama Staffer Delivers Keynote Speech

By Linda Harmon

The green hills of the Ojai Valley are a lifetime away from the ravaged, mine-littered terrain of Afghanistan, but Monday these distant places were connected in a very special way. Knowing that every 28 minutes someone steps on a land mine, two nonprofit organizations partnered to raise funds to do something about it. The International Trust Fund for Demining and Mine Victims Assistance and the Marshall Legacy Institute, held a charity golf and dinner event at the Ojai Valley Inn & Spa. According to Elise Becker, MLI program director, the golf tournament is one of their "Legacy of Hope" events which help provide start-up funds for de-mining programs in Afghanistan and nine other countries. "We had about 60 golfers in the event," said Perry Baltimore, head of MLI. Golfers included four professional U.S. Champion golfers and members of both organizations. One golfer and the chair of the MLI board was Tony Lake. Lake, a longtime friend and golfing partner of Baltimore's, is

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