Ojai City Watch 3/18/09

From: Sgt. Joe Evans Good morning Watchers. Spring is in the air and the weather is fantastic. Many of us are once again returning to the hills and enjoying our local trails. With all the flowers blooming and local wildlife showing up in all areas of the valley, who would not enjoy this type of activity. Well the vehicle burglars have once again started hitting our local trail heads again. They too enjoy our zest for the outdoors. They love it when we visit the trails and leave our valuables in our car just waiting to be taken. What these crooks are not counting on is, we are now aware of their plans and we are all watching. When we go hiking we will be looking around the parking area for those people just sitting around and looking out of place. We are telling all our friends to leave their valuables at home. We will be taking our cell phones with us on the hike so we can alert police to any suspicious activities we might see. Many times we see the crooks leaving as we return to our cars. Our

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