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Ojai Magazine has been the quarterly publication of the Ojai Valley News since 1982. It is the largest local regional magazine with free distribution in Ventura, Los Angeles, and Santa Barbara counties, with a popular digital edition..

The sometimes illusive, magical soul of Ojai lives within our east-west lying Topa Topa Mountains and valley, as well as in the hearts of the community itself. We are all drawn to this place and this lifestyle. We share authentic stories of Ojai life.

The stories of our past, present and future keep us connected to our roots and to the joy in each day. We believe that the Ojai life can be lived anywhere the spirit lives. Join us.

Meet the paragons, the seekers, the artists, dreamers and characters who have migrated or been born to the Ojai valley or who have rejected the hamster-wheel culture of the busy world, and found another way to live with each other. How and why do they do it?

Ojai Magazine forages and discovers the curious stories behind these rare individuals, from our past, present, and future forward. We believe a kernel of their spirit, grit or artistry is something worth passing along, to inspire you. We invite you to read, experience and grow with us. The mission of Ojai Magazine is to connect the Ojai community through the stories of our past, our passion for the present and the dreams of our future. Our higher purpose is to grow our affection for each other, and for our Ojai Valley.

With affection,

Laura Rearwin Ward

Editor/publisher, Ojai Magazine


Ojai Mag Makers: 

Editor/Publisher - Laura Rearwin Ward

Assistant Editors - Georgia Schreiner, Karen Lindell

Art Director - Paul Stanton



Karen Lindell, Perry Van Houten, Kimberly Rivers, John Huddles,Kerstin Kuhn, Kit Stolz, Francisco Mazza, Drew Mashburn, Steve Sprinkel

Kathleen Kaiser, Pamela Zero, Robin Goldstein, Valerie Freeman



Tori Behar

Advertising Director:

Linda Snider


Pamela Zero