Letters to the Editor

Letters to the Editor March 1

Top challenge: diversion gates
There have been letters to the editor that necessitate a response. One, on Feb. 15, suggested that it is a mistake to hook up to state water and the other, on Feb. 22, was asking for three of the Casitas board members to resign.
We have been paying for the option to get state water for more than 30 years. The city of Ventura has an allocation of 10,000 acre-feet, United Water District has 5,000 acre-feet and Casitas 5,000 acre-feet. Many millions of dollars have been invested to maintain this option. We have been in a severe drought for many years and we need to exercise this option now or it may never happen. The rest of the state is in great shape, thanks to the very wet winter we have just experienced.

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