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Don’t fall for lies

Of all the lies being told by the No on A&B crowd, aka Big Oil, the most absurd (and funniest) one is the one that seems to imply that by requiring Big Oil to update its antiquated drilling permits the world oil supply will be impacted! If Big Oil is mandated by voters to clean up their act, then the price of gas will skyrocket more than it is already doing and we will have to import more oil. Most likely, they could shut down all their wells and not cause a ripple in the world oil supply. The No on A&B crowd must think we are Saudi Arabia. They also must think that Ventura County voters are a pack of rubes who are too stupid to know a lie when they see or hear one. The No on A&B crowd has their record profits to protect, profits garnered by price-gouging Ventura County residents. We have to show this crowd that we are not going to fall for their lies no matter how much money they spend to spread them. Do as I just did, Ventura County, vote Yes on A & B! John Darling — Ventura

Yes on Measures A & B With oil prices high, there is more incentive to ramp up oil drilling, including next to homes and schools. Ventura County residents need to vote Yes on Measures A and B if they want that development to face environmental review — like every other kind of development — and to meet current laws including setbacks from homes and schools. Oil companies have been able to flout health and safety laws by operating under old permits issued last century, before the state created environmental review. Those “antiquated” permits cover 127,000 acres in Ventura County and have no expiration dates or limits on the number of wells. Large swaths of Ventura, Oxnard, Santa Paula, Camarillo, Fillmore, Simi Valley, Ojai, as well as Ventura beaches and waterways are potential drilling sites, including mere feet from homes. Studies show the dangerous health effects of living within two miles of an oil well, including asthma, cancer and low birthweight in newborn babies. To protect residents, the Ventura County Board of Supervisors closed this loophole, requiring new projects go through environmental review regardless of the age of the original permit. They also adopted a 2,500-foot health and safety buffer between wells and homes and schools. The oil industry responded aggressively, suing the County and launching a petition to halt the change and put it on the ballot. At a time when Ventura County is threatened by climate-fueled wildfires and drought, and the United Nations calls for “urgent action” on climate change, we should be building the clean energy economy of the future. Instead, the oil industry wants forever rights to drill near homes and schools and is spending millions on a ballot fight to get their way. Vote “yes” on Measures A and B to defend Ventura County’s laws and make sure that high oil prices don’t result in destructive and unregulated oil drilling. The real solution to high prices is to reduce our reliance on oil and gas by increasing renewable energy and electrifying buildings and cars — not by drilling next to people’s homes. Katie Davis, Chair, Sierra Club Los Padres Chapter Santa Barbara and Ventura Counties

Support Nasarenko for DA I am writing in support of Ventura County District Erik Nasarenko. I had the pleasure of serving with Erik on the Ventura City Council, and saw firsthand how his leadership style benefited the residents of Ventura, particularly during his term as mayor. His intelligence and dedication, combined with a compassionate and thorough approach, were of immense help to our community during challenging times. Erik has the rare ability to communicate with clarity, precision and understanding of complicated issues. He works effectively with a wide variety of individuals and groups, facilitating consensus and action. By unanimous vote in 2021, the Ventura County Board of Supervisors appointed Erik to assume the position of district attorney. In a short period of time, Erik has increased the crime-fighting efforts of his department in collaboration with other county agencies. With strength and determination, Erik has already accomplished significant goals including the expansion of the cold case sexual assault program, increasing prosecutions of home burglary and gang related criminals, intensifying the focus on domestic violence crimes, and increasing punishments on drug dealers. Please join me in supporting Erik Nasarenko for Ventura County district attorney. Christy Weir — Former Mayor, City of Ventura