Questions and facts inform my patriotism

By Nicolas Oatway
In his March 15 Op-Ed, Ojai resident David Pressey gave us a wonderfully clear, gritty, unmistakable first person picture of a 17-year-old American boy and his teenage buddies tossed into the muddy, murderous conflict called the Korean War. He spoke of his war experiences so many decades ago that haunt him still.
I was 10 years old, just seven years behind him in the early ’50s, when he found himself so far from home in such a horrible situation. In the LA Times during the Korean battles, a good map of the entire Korean Peninsula would often appear, usually in the front-page upper-righthand corner illustrating the war’s progress with a thick jagged line and arrows bending one way or the other. I can draw a decent outline even now of North and South Korea, even locate Pusan, Inchon, Seoul and Pyongyang, and the famous “demilitarized zone” so branded into my mind is the picture of that particular piece of Asia’s geography. 

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