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About Us

The Ojai Valley News has been the journal of record for the Ojai Valley since 1891. We are a weekly adjudicated publication, published Fridays in print, with copies available for sale at racks and news dealers throughout the Ojai Valley. Our website produces daily news content including culture, opinion, sports, an events calendar and breaking news. Our news is local to Ventura County and is produced by resident professional journalists and our in-house production team. Our submitted content, appearing in the Culture and Opinion sections, is sourced locally and edited by the Ojai Valley News.

The Ojai Valley News' owners, Ojai Media LLC, in active partnership with our community residents and stakeholders, aim to protect and improve this essential free press news source. With affection, respect and the fearless pursuit of shining light on our community, together we are stewards of this 130-year-old community asset, which is a benefit to the Ojai Valley and the region.

A local newspaper’s health is the litmus test for its community. The Ojai Valley News and Ojai Magazine inform, preserve and connect our community — they are Ojai lifestyle assets, doing a public good. Our community is invited to participate in growing and improving every aspect of this journalism project.

Ojai Valley News Mission: To inform and stem the tide of disinformation for our readers by reporting professionally, factually and with integrity based on the position that truth is responsible to evidence.

We believe in the Journalist Code of Ethics:

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Publisher/owner: Laura Rearwin Ward


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